Handed down from generation to generation by Salentine women, and spread throughout the territory since prehistoric times, the art of interweaving vegetable fibres is one of the most fascinating artistic expressions of the Salento’s handicrafts because it combines manual skills and natural resources,giving life to precious artefacts which today are used almost exclusively for decorative purposes or  to make beautifull   eco-sustainable jewels and  typical Salento bags 

A special wine store in the beating heart of Grecia Salentina. A  careful selection of wines, cheeses, cured meats and much more , result of a meticulous and professional passion of the owner. 

"I vizi degli dei" organizes tasting evenings for a memorable experience 

In Specchia , a small artisan shop where a “tinsmith” creates traditional tin objects on old and new designs , copper, iron and galvanized sheet lamps